#aInstagraficlegusta ARCHITECTURE

If you are not really getting any inspiration to show off your camera skills lately, you are definitely in luck because #ainstagraficlegusta contests are back! This time though, we have amazing prizes and notorious ambassadors to act as a jury! Keep reading…


For the February edition of this Instagram contest, we are glad to announce our collaboration with @luison, architect and photographer, to play his role as ambassador and jury. His mission is to pick the theme for the contest and chose the winner amongst all the participants. As you would expect, this instagramer’s favorite theme is ARCHITECTURE.

As if this wasn’t motivational enough, the prize is even better! We are partnering with Rusticae to offer one night accommodation for two people in one of their luxurious hotels. Why don’t you check them out? The winner will also get an Instagrafic album, duh!

You can send as many pictures as you like from today until the 27th of February. They have to be new pictures and they have to be uploaded on Instagram. Don’t forget to follow @Instagrafic and @Rusticae accounts and use the hastag #ainstagraficlegusta! 

Best of luck everyone!