Your photos back to paper in a handmade album

Instagrafic Album are your best pictures captured in a hand sewn photo book.


Choose your best pictures among the ones stored in your mobile device, your Instagram or your Facebook accounts. Create albums with 16, 25 or 36 photos. Order your pictures as you wish, pick one background color, choose the yarn color that you like and customize each album with a text.

  • 15,5 eur 16 photos S Album

  • 17,5 eur 25 photos S Album

  • 19,5 eur 36 photos S Album

  • 30,5 eur 16 photos XL Album

  • 32,5 eur 25 photos XL Album

  • 34,5 eur 36 photos XL Album

Free delivery, payment could be done through credit card, Paypal or bank transfer.

  • Mosaic with your photos as your album cover.

  • Best guaranteed printing quality paper.

  • Hand sewn with cotton yarn.

  • Choose between S Album (13×13 cm) and XL Album (25×25 cm).

  • Eco-friendly recycled cardboard packaging and a wrapper with support to use as a frame.

  • Postal shipping is free to anywhere in the world *.

    * And, if time rushes, you have optional Express shipping (the application will tell you the estimated delivery time, always from 2 days after manufacturing).

Start your album

Your favorite photos from your mobile, Instagram, or Facebook become an ecological and original album. You only have to download the Instagrafic application, totally free, from the Apple App Store or Google Play to start designing your own photo albums.