Elisava students, Spain’s first design school, are bursting with energy and ideas and they infect everyone with their creativity but they were lacking a little something for their Masters’ degree final project. Here’s when Instagrafic came into action to give them a hand. They brought the imagination whilst we supplied the paper to come up with this wonderful project: Infinite View.

We used Instagrafic Album format for their presentation mini-books. We printed over 200 copies, designed by the creative minds of Elisava’s Photography and Design Master students. Needless to say, we assambled and sewed up every single copy using the art of our craftwork.

Check it out!

What was the outcome? They were so satisfied with the result that they asked us to print their profesional portfolios!

The cool videos you just watched were produced by Sabela Eiriz, you’ll find all her stuff in the link on her name.