Buy Catalunya tourist guide

When the Catalan Agency of Tourism had to welcome 300 tour operator managers visiting Catalonia, they didn’t think twice and contacted Instagrafic for their welcome gift. They decided to use our album’s format to create the small touristic guides that would take the guests all over Catalonia.

We printed 9 routes in each Instagrafic, with the most charming spots in the country, just like the Catalan Agency of Tourism had prepared for the attendants. Inside, we printed maps, pictures and practical advise about the places they shouldn’t miss during their route, as well as a to do list to cross out those spots they visited already.

Like we always do, we adjusted our Instagrafic to the project’s needs. We made 300 copies, printing maps and images on both sides. As a surprise for the guests, at the very last page, there was a special place for a picture of the trip. Happily, we also took and printed the memoir picture for them to be taken home, along side the touristic Instagrafic.