Hey there!

Let me introduce you to our new place. Please, feel like home. From here, we will tell you all about us, our latest paper-related love stories; adventures in the studio; those moments we can’t wait to capture in an Instagrafic and all the news that are awaiting for you in this 2015 – and there’s plenty of them!

Most of you probably know us already but in case you are new to this site – nice to meet you! – I’ll briefly explain what’s all this about.

Instagrafic is a printing studio of stories and personal moments. Just like you, we enjoy the excitement of giving and receiving small memories captured in a picture. We work along side the latest technology, your photos and the distinctive care of handmade work to craft your unique album. Every single Instagrafic tells a different story, the story of its author. But they all have something in common: the special touch of the traditional paper and handmade sewing that typify our products. This is how we create your signature album.

We are overexcited for having you here but hey! This is not a one-way door, we want hear from you as well. Please, do get in touch anytime you want with questions, suggestions, ideas, complaints or just to say hi!

That’s all from us.

See you very soon!