Welcome to Instagrafic Prints!

We take pictures to slow time down, to capture stories and to share them. Without photos we would have empty walls, sad rooms and fleeting moments because time passes by too fast.Instagrafic Prints is the detachable photo album that lets you stop the world and revive your memories as many times as you want.

They are your best pictures in a glued album, you can stick them out one by one because every photo you take is different, and some of them deserve a special spot in our room or in a friend’s mailbox.Your Prints preserve the quality of Instagrafic’s paper, just like the personalized care we always give. Your stories are the only ones changing but still, they all deserve the most exclusive treatment.


From now on, when thinking of Instagrafic you will choose between Prints and Album but either choice is going to be the right one.

PS: Make sure you app is updated!