Miss Wood catalogue

Two entrepreneurs from Barcelona launched Miss Wood, a handmade decoration start-up. They craft wooden pieces with cheerful messages able to brighten anyone’s day up. Because of the values we share: craftwork, a detail-oriented team and the care we take with everything we do; Miss Wood got in touch with Instagrafic to create a catalogue with all their products.

We completely personalized Miss Wood’s catalogue to make sure we met the company’s needs and ensure the success of the outcome. We printed the album on both sides, including as many pages as wooden pieces they fancied to see in their catalogue; along with a custom-made cover and back page.

What was the outcome? Instead of taking a look at the book, customers wanted to take it home! This is how Miss Woods announced they had new catalogue on social media: “We already have our new catalogue! It has been a great experience. Thanks to Instagrafic we got it done very quickly and it couldn’t have been easier!”